Lubricants & Industrial Aerosols

Range of lubricants & spray adhesives including WD40 - Introducing the unique and revolutionary new delivery system, dual action smart straw 420ml. Other lubricants and industrial aerosols available from stock and delivered next working day.

WD-40 Smart Straw

Unique and revolutionary new delivery system. Dual action smart straw. 420ml

ZG-90 Galvanising Spray

ZG-90 fast drying cold galvanising aerosol. Use on light rusted or clean metal. 500ml

AG-90 Anti-Galling/Anti-Seizing...

AG-90 is an extreme pressure rated anti galling and anti Seizing Lubricant. AG-90 is a...

AS-90 Anti Spatter Spray

Prevents build up of weld spatter on work & nozzles etc. Fast acting. Silicone & CFC...

Stihl 100ml 2 Stroke Oil

Stihl 2-stroke oil. 100ml. Frequently used mineral oil based two-stroke engine oil....

Chain & Drive Lubricant

A range of oils that lubricate and clean chains, bearings & conveyor moving systems.

CS-90 Copper grease

Anti-sieze aerosols and non drip compound with graphite.

CT-90 Cutting & Tapping Fluid

Fluid that allow the cutting tools to cut more quickly.

LD-90 Gas Leak Detector

LD-90 is a professional industrial grade gas leak detector fluid which is completely...

Multi - Purpose Spray

High quality sprays that can be used for a wide range of applications.

Release Fluid

Rapid penetrating & release fluid - P.T.F.E 500ml

Tyris Lithium Grease Cartridge & Gun

Premium quality multi-purpose grease for use in all anti-friction & plain bearings...

SC-90 Stainless Steel Cleaner Food Grade

SC-90 is specially formulated for cleaning Stainless Steel surfaces in all areas...

WG-90 White Grease + PTFE General...

WG-90 white grease is a high quality lubricant resistant to heat and water. WG-90 is...

Supertrol Rust Proofing Fluid

Ideal for corrosion protection of steel components or transit

BC-90 Brake Cleaner and Clutch Cleaner

BC-90 is a highly effective brake and clutch cleaner. BC-90 removes dirt, grime, dust,...

AMAZE Dash and Bumper Car Cleaner

Amaze is dash cleaner which can be used on most plastics, PVC, Rubber, Wood, Leather,...

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