Paints, Markers, Primers, Brushes & Decorating Accessories

Primers, Sprays, Linemarking Paint, Markal Industrial Markers, ZG-90 Galvanising Anti Rust Paints, Paint Rollers & Brushes & Decorating Accessories.

Paint, paint sticks & crayons for marking metal, lumber and other difficult surfaces

Multiple colours of line marking paint, top coat paint and primers.

ZG-90 galvanising paint, used to cover fixings or metal surfaces in a rust resistant...

One coat maintenance system for metal. Can be applied directly to rust. Long-lasting...

HT-90 High Temperature Resistant Paint is an air drying silicone based paint formulated...

Aquaseal Liquid Roof is an easy to use, all weather roofing system ideal for...

Decorating brushes for applying paint, adhesives and solvents. Also wire brushes for...

Range of decorating tools such as stripping, filling, chisel and putty knives.


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