Joist Hangers, Builders Restraint Straps, Wall starter

Joist Hangers, Wall Ties, Metal Brackets & Support System

For a fantastic range of joist hangers, wall ties, metal brackets and other support systems, look no further than that on offer from Orbital Fasteners. We pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of support products ranging from Simpson joist hangers to wall ties and metal brackets, all at highly competitive prices. We believe in offering only the highest quality products at the very best prices and, if you’re looking for support products including joist hangers and wall ties, you’ve come to the right place.

Simpson JHA Timber to Timber Joist...

One piece, non welded joist hanger.galv. 270 - 0.9mm thick, 450 - 1.5mm thick.

Extended Leg Jiffy Joist Hangers

Extended leg joist hangers. Mild steel galvanised, ideal for floor suspension.

Simpson JHM Masonry Hangers

One piece non-welded for supporting timber joist / beams from masonary walls. Galv.

Simpson LUP Light U Hangers

Simpson LUP is a light duty joist hanger for supporting timber joists from timber...

Simpson SAE U Hangers

Innovative new hanger to the UK. Speed prongs are curved steel for extra strength. One...

Simpson SAI Heavy Face Fix Concealed...

Simpson SAI ranges are heavy-duty hangers designed for applications requiring...

Simpson IUC Face Fix Concealed Flange...

IUC is a face fix concealed flange hanger for both I-joists and solid timber sections....

Galvanised Builders Restraint Strap

Galvanised light duty and heavy duty, bent, twisted and straight restraint straps.

Simpson Stainless Steel Wall Ties

WTS2: Type 2 Wall Ties: Masonry General Purpose WTS4: Type 4 Wall Ties: Masonry Light...

Simpson C2K Wall Starters

Crocodile wall starter 2x1.2m BAA approved up to 8m, 3 story work.

Double & Single Sided Timber Connectors

Timber connectors for enhanced bolt performance in timber, mild steel plated.

Angle & Arris Brackets

Heavy duty angle brackets, 2.4mm thick, pre galvanised.

Simpson FT Frame Ties

Timber door and window frame ties, pre-galvanised.

Frame Cramp Tie, Fish Tail, Galvanised

Frame cramp ties (fish tail), galvanised finish. 2.3mm thickness & 25mm width.

Simpson SFJC Joist Cap

The new safety fast joist cap provides a simple cost effective solution to the problem...

Simpson TCP Truss Clips

Attaches to girders, trusses & rafters to provide wind restraint 0.9mm, galvanised.

Simpson Fixing Band

For all light duty perforated strapping needs. 10m pre-galvanised.

Simpson A35 Universal Framing Anchor

The A35 anchor's exclusive bending slot allows instant, accurate bending on site. The...

Simpson CP Cam Plate

Nails on plate for general splicing and reinforcing, pre galvanised.

Simpson Mending Plate

Easy to use connector for timber splices. No nails required, pre-galvanised.

Simpson Masonry Reinforcement Mesh Metal

63mm x 20 metre coiled for ease of handling. Galvanised steel finish

Frame Tie Screw On, Stainless Steel...

Screw in wall starter with nylon wall plug, WST provides lateral stability to brickwork...

We are pleased to offer completely free next day delivery on all orders over £20 which fall inside our van area, ensuring you’re not faced with any unnecessary costs and that you receive your joist hangers, wall ties or other support products as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on being not only competitive on price but also on offering a fantastic selection to meet all needs and requirements. We welcome you to browse our range of joist hangers today and we look forward to receiving your order.

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