Orbital Fasteners are proud to offer a wide variety of both standard and specialist fixings which range from plastic and metal shims, rawlplugs and cable ties to fixings such as cable ties and other heavy duty fixings including anchor bolts, rawlbolts and construction resins. Our range of fixings are perfect for professionals in the construction and engineering industries who require products of the highest quality at the best possible prices. If you need any of our standard fixings or specialist fixings quickly, we are proud to offer a fantastic free next day delivery service on all orders over £25 which fall inside our van area. Why struggle to source the fixings you need when Orbital Fasteners can supply these at fantastic prices as quickly as next day.

Popular products within our ranges of specialist and standard fixings includes metal packing shims, rawlplugs, firmahold Nails and apt screwbolt anchors, however our range of available fixings extends far beyond this to include the likes of expanding foam, sealant guns, ironmongery and so much more. Please take a look at the range of fixings we have on offer below, or, alternatively, if you cannot find the products you are looking for, do not hesitate to give our team a call on 01923 777777.

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