Nuts, Wing Nuts, Tee Nuts, Cage Nuts & Flange Nuts

If you’re looking for a wide selection of nuts which ranges from wing nuts and tee nuts to cage nuts and flange nuts, look no further than the range offered by Orbital Fasteners. We pride ourselves on offering a selection of nuts which meets every customer’s needs and requirements and, as such, offer the range of nuts which you can browse below. The selection of nuts which we offer encompasses pretty much all of the different types of nut you could require, however if you’re struggling to find something to meet your individual needs and requirements, we urge you to give our friendly and helpful team a call on 01923 777777 so we can discuss the best products with you directly.

Zinc plated, galvanised & self colour hexagon full nuts in grade 8.8 or 10.9. Also...

Steel nylon hexagon insert nuts. Nyloc / nylock nuts are available from stock in bright...

Zinc plated & galvanised hexagon lock nut (half nut) grade 8 & 10. DIN 439

Mild steel dome nuts. Bright zinc plated. DIN 1587

Steel bright zinc plated cap nuts. DIN 917

Stainless Steel & Mild steel wing nuts grade 4, bright zinc plated. ANSI B18.17

Mild steel, bright zinc plated, grade 1 DIN 935-1(1987) castle slotted & turret nuts.

Mild steel hexagon serrated flange nut, grade 8. Bright zinc plated. DIN 6923

Used to connect two lengths of studding (threaded bar) Available in mild steel, high...

The Binx Nut is an all metal prevailing torque type self-locking nut. The locking...

Stover Nut is a inexpensive hex all-metal prevailing torque self-locking nut. The...

Mild steel ring nut bright zinc plated. DIN 582.

Available in black or white, creates an attractive finish, push to fit over nuts or...

Steel all metal locking nut grade 8. Zinc / yellow plated, ISO 8098 / 2

Mild steel cage nut for accomodating threaded fasteners in thin sheet metal

Pronged base tee nut grade 4 for wood assembley

Different from your traditional nut , the mild steel "V" or wedge nut, grade 4 zinc &...

Type D & Type E Timber/Wood female Insert Nuts.

Aerotight Nuts & Aerotight Self Locking Nuts Aerotight self-locking nuts are a form of...

Square Steel Nuts Bright Zinc Plated

The range of nuts which we offer comes from some of the world’s leading manufacturers of nuts and includes everything you could want from wing nuts to flange nuts and everything in between. In addition to our fantastic range of nuts, we pride ourselves on offering a completely free next day delivery service for all orders over the value of £20 which falls inside of our van delivery area.

Whatever your requirement when it comes to purchasing a wide variety of nuts ranging from wing nuts to flange nuts and everything else in between such as aerotight self locking nuts and wedge nuts, think Orbital Fasteners.


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