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Innovators in skin care for many decades, Swarfega have launched their new “TOUGH” range.

Intended for use by trades professionals in all industries,"TOUGH" provides skin care protection before, during, and after work. The range includes sun protection cream, shower gel, heavy duty hand wipes, as well as a hand cleaner and after work cream.

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Swarfega Tough Hand Cleaner 250ml...

SKU Number: 5150000

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Swarfega Tough Shower Gel 250ml Tube...

SKU Number: 5150030

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Swarfega Tough Skin Protection Cream...

SKU Number: 5150040

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Swarfega Tough 30+ SPF Sun Protection...

SKU Number: 5150050

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Swarfega Heritage

Swarfega Logo

Skin cleaning & protection

Swarfega is a range of skin cleaning and protection products which are made by the company Deb Limited, which was founded back in 1947. Originally a detergent company but after the introduction of there swarfega range they soon became a customer favourite for these heavy duty cleaning products.

Who is Swarfega ideal for?

Swarfega was made to protect manual workers who suffer from dry skin and working in dusty and dirty conditions.

As well, Swarfega make highly strengthened sun creams for tradesmen who are working in the hot sun throughout the day. Because of this, for manual workers, Swarfega cleaning products are more effective than most soaps and creams as they are tailored for seriously heavy duty conditions.

The range is regularly used by tradesmen that work in: engineering, printing, construction, plumbing and many other manual trades.

Swarfega Tough Range

Swarfega "Tough" Stockists

Orbital Fasteners are one of the only companies in the UK that stock Swarfega’s ‘TOUGH’ range. This range is made to work effectively in the workplace, so you can clean and protect yourself quickly and safely at affordable prices.

The Swarfega range that we stock consists of: hand cleaner, heavy duty hand wipes, shower gel, skin protection cream and sun cream.

Swarfega Tough Product Range