Washers, Form A Washers, Plate Washers & Steel Washers

If you’re looking to purchase washers of almost any type, ranging from Form A washers to plate washers and steel washers, look no further than the range we have on offer here at Orbital Fasteners. We have compiled our selection of washers, such as Galvanised Washers, to encompass the needs of our customers for almost all situations and, as such, square plate washers, we are confident that you can find it for sale at a fantastic price here at Orbital Fasteners. Our washers are available in both mild steel, the same material used for a range of our bolts and stainless steel, a versatile material, variations to ensure that, whatever the situation and usage, you can purchase thewashers, such as shakeproof lock washers you need for the job you’re doing.

Mild steel washers in bright zinc plated DIN 125 - 1A. The most commonly used washer

Mild steel washers in bright zinc plated DIN 125 (Same As Form A but thinner)

Mild steel washers in both bright zinc plated. BS4320 C (Same As Form A but wider)

Mild steel oversized penny washers (mudguard washer) bright zinc plated

Mild steel square plate washers. Available in bright zinc plated, galvanised and self...

Mild steel washers, bright zinc plated & galvanised DIN 9021. Ideal for Timber!

Mild steel washer, Galvanised. DIN125

Table 1, 2 & 3 Flat Washer Steel Bright Zinc Plated BS3410

5 degree mild steel square taper washer, galvanised for modern steel sections

Mild steel square section single coil spring washer in both zinc & galvanised...

Internal and external shakeproof washers, bright zinc plated. DIN 6797(A)

Nord-Lock wedge-locking washers positively lock the fastener in a joint which is...

Form A and penny rubber washers

For weather-tight sealing of roofing and wall applications. galvanised steel &...

Flat red fibre washers. Form A. DIN 125-A.

Soft plastic UV resistant Caps and Washers for external seal against the weather

Brass Self colour & brass nickel (NKL) plated surface screw cup washers for use with...

M6 Data Rack Cup Washers, Black. Suits M6 pan & cheese head screws.

Brass screwcup for precision surface countersinking of woodscrews.

If you’re struggling to find the exact washers you’re looking for, perhaps for a bespoke application, we welcome you to contact our team on 01923 777777 to discuss your individual needs and requirements and assess whether there may be an alternative products which can meet your needs. We pride ourselves on offering not only a fantastic range of products but a fantastic level of service as well and, as a result of this, are pleased to offer completely free deliver on orders over £20 which are within our van delivery area. When you’re looking to purchase washers of any type, think Orbital Fasteners and take a moment to browse, and purchase, from our ranges below


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