Firmahold Collated Nails & Gas - Paslode Nailers

Firmahold Collated Nails for use in popular gas nail guns. Prostrip paper tape collated nails provide high holding power and ease of drive. Nail strip will not break when dropped, and will not deteriorate in bad weather: Nail angle 34 degrees.
FirmaHold nails are designed for use in wide variety of cordless 34 degree clipped head framing nailers and 16 gauge finishing nailers such as Paslode IM350, Hitachi NR90GC2, Makita GN900S, Rawl WW90CH, Max GS690CH, Senco GT90CH & BeA Dynamik D90S. FirmaHold nails are manufactured to comply with the specification as detailed in many of the tool manufacturers operating instructions. FirmaHold nails can be used without compromising EN792-13: 2000 7.2.1a

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