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Hexagon Head High Tensile Bolts DIN 931 Grade 8.8

Grade 8.8 High tensile hexagon head bolts DIN 931 are partially threaded and sometimes incorrectly referred to as shoulder bolts. They are easily identified by their 8.8 head markings and usually but not always have metric thread forms. The most common surface finish in use is Cr3 bright zinc plated. Hot dipped galvanised finishes are becoming ever more popular, particularly in the rail industry sector. Self colour or unplated types are now seldom used, but are normally available next day to order. High tensile bolts are most often used in conjuction with Form A DIN125 washers and DIN 934 Full nuts. Typical applications for this very widley used product include steel fabricators, machine builders, automotive applications and the contruction industry. Thread lengths for bolts up to 125mm is twice the thread diameter plus 6mm. Over 125mm and up to 200mm is twice the thread diameter plus 12mm and over 200mm is twice the thread diameter plus 25mm.