Resin Anchoring & Accessories

Rawl Resin, Resin Studs, Resin Fixings & more

We here at Orbital Fasteners are proud to stock a varied variety of Resin based products. With our Rawl Resin, including Nozzles and Resin Fixing, which offer high performance for solid and hollow structures for an affordable price. Also stocking Application Guns in a variety of sizes such as 400ml and 380ml.

We also stock Rawlplug Mesh Sleeve’s which are used during installations of studs in a variety of sizes, with ranges of Fischer Vinylester and Polyester Resin which create a high-quality finish and performance. You can find out more about our products below, all at affordable prices.

Simply take a moment to browse the extensive range of Resin Anchoring and Resin Accessories which are available below and select those which you need for your job.

You can then either purchase online or call our sales line on 01923 777777 where one of our team will be only happy to assist you. If you have any issue or questions about our range then why not contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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