Magnetic Drill Cutters & Machines

The mag drill can bring the clean, convenient performance of a stationary drill press to any point on a construction site.

It’s as portable as a handheld yet as stable as a drill press, ensuring precision accuracy and faster performance. If the surface cannot come to you, a mag drill can come to the surface. You also have a range of drills bits from like solid drill bits and TCT Cutters. Operating and surface are also a big factor for Mag Drill as a sensitive piece of equipment is meant to be respected and used correctly for safety and to produce the best job.

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Important accessories for Rotabroach Mag Drills such as Cutting Oil, Coolant unit, AeroPaste and many more useful accessories which you can find below.

If you want to know more about Mag Drills then have a look through this post The Complete Guide to Mag Drills.

If you have any questions about our range of Rotabroach Mag Drills and accessories then feel free to contact us here if you are interested or have any queries for us!

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