Screws For Timber (Woodscrews)

Screws For Timber, Woodscrews & Timber Screws from Orbital Fasteners

From classic woodscrews to Timco velocity premium multi-use screws and an extensive range of other screws for timber, you’ll be sure to find a wide range of all the possible woodscrews you could need at Orbital Fasteners.

We fully understand that each and every application requires a different type of screw such as tek screws and thumb screws in many cases and, with that in mind, pride ourselves on ensuring you can purchase all the woodscrews you could need all in one easy to navigate location.

With our range covering products such as: Drywall specialist screws including Self Drill Drywall Screws along with specifc types of products like our Collated Screw Systems and Hook Eye Screws which are unique in design and are made with our high standard in mind.

Simply take a look at the wood screws available and select the desired sizes and lengths including, 25mm Wood to metal dowels and 8 x 100 Extra Long Timber Screws! We offer free next day delivery on all orders over £25 which fall inside our van area and ensure you receive your order quickly and without hassle. Why purchase screws for timber elsewhere when you can do so from Orbital Fasteners quickly, efficiently and at fantastic prices?

Simply take a moment to browse the extensive range of screws for timber which are available below and select those which you need for your job.

You can then either purchase online or call our sales line on 01923 777777 where one of our team will be only happy to assist you. If you have any issue or questions about our range then why not contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.