Self Tapping Screws

Self Tapping Screws at great trade prices

Self tapping screws are often referred to as self tappers or PK'S as many of them were originally manufactured by the Parker-Kalon company.

In America they are known as sheet metal screws as they are for use in sheet metal up to 3mm in thickness. Successful installation is dependant on the correct size of hole being drilled or punched to suit both the diameter of screw and also the gauge of sheet metal that screw will be fitted to, this will prevent head shear and make installation effortless.

Self tapping screws are available from Orbital Fasteners in Countersunk Pozi to DIN 7982, Pan Pozi to DIN 7982 and Flange Pozi to DIN 4174, we stock each product in steel bright zinc plated and stainless steel. Steel flange head versions are also available from stock in a black finish.

The most popular selling versions are screws with a sharp pointed end, these are usually known as type AB. Also in use is a version with a blunt end known as a type B, this type are often used in mass production as the blunt ends make them easier to handle and less likely to cause injury. The type B has another benefit, in that they have a little more thread than an AB type of the same length therefore making the use of a shorter screw sometimes possible.