Socket Allen Cap Screws. Grade 12.9. DIN 912 ISO 4762 BS4168

High tensile socket cap screws, bright zinc plated & self colour. Grade 12.9, DIN 912, ISO 4762 are sometimes referred to as Allen screws. These are the strongest threaded fasteners available as a standard off the shelf product for clamping purposes.

They have cylindrical heads and are tightened using a hexagon wrench. Grade 12.9 socket cap screws provide the highest level of strength, clamping and fatigue resistance when tightened to the recommended torque figure.

The fit of the thread form of these products is 5g6g as standard which is the maximum cross-section possible to allow smooth assembly and assure better mating of assembled parts. Socket cap screws have a safe working temperature range of -50 to +300 degrees Celcius, the length of a socket cap screw is measured from under the head separating them from other screw types such as thumb screws.

Well known manufacturers of socket screws include Unbrako and Holo-Krome, however, in recent years some new brands are beginning to dominate British marketplaces alongside that they are on top of the global market. One of these is YFS which is the brand now mostly widely sold by Orbital Fasteners.

The socket cap screw is a production line favourite as they are easily tightened and have a neat appearance as well as great strength. Industry users include tool making, steel fabrication, hydraulic, braking system, automotive and furniture manufacturing. Imperial sizes available please call for more info.