20W Single Head LED Tripod Flood Light 240V FPPSLLED20T

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Why choose Chip on Board (COB) LED lighting instead of conventional lighting?

• Long maintenance free working life of up to 100,000 hours.
• Extremely energy efficient operating at 80-90% efficiency.
• Highly durable resistance to shock, vibration and external impacts,
  ideal for outdoor and rugged lighting applications.
• Low heat emission provide a safe working area free of the burn risk
  associated with Halogen lighting products.
• LEDs emit virtually no UV radiation making them perfect for use in
  areas were UV light sensitive objects or materials are present.
• LEDs perform well in extremely cold or hot temperatures with no loss
  of performance making them ideal for use outside in all weathers.
• Ecologically friendly LEDs are free of toxic materials & are 100% recyclable.

The lamps are IP65 rated for water and dust ingress protection and is fitted with an approved BS plug.

SINGLE / 20w
1400 lumens
2.9m cable

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