7.5 x 40mm Timco Multi-Fix Concrete Screw, Zinc and Yellow, 00040TCON

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  • For fixing of window and door frames, timber beams, battens, wooden laths, facades, metal profiles, panels etc. into masonry.
  • Suitable for concrete, solid brick, perforated brick, hollow blocks, natural stone etc.
  • T30 T Drive recess to reduce driver wear and prevent camming out.
  • Flat countersunk head with 5 locking ribs.
  • Deep high/low thread to give high pull-out resistance and waste extraction.
  • Serrated V-threads to achieve optimum insertion into all masonry types.
  • t30 driver bit included in each box
  • Hole diameter - 6.0mm for low density - 6.5mm for high density

  • Anchor size 7.5mm
  • Centre spacing 60mm
  • Edge distance 50mm
  • Minimum concrete thickness 75mm
  • Rec tensile load 1.50kN
  • Rec shear load 2.00kN
  • Bending moment 7.00Nm


Rec embedment depth

  • Concrete min 25mm
  • Brickwork min 40mm
  • Aircrete min 60mm

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