Premier Diamond Blades

The diamond blades that we stock are made to cut a wide range of materials depending on the blade. We stock blades from some of the top tool consumable manufacturers, such as Bosch, Premier, Hardman and Addax.

As we have various cutting blades for different materials. The blades come in many different shapes and sizes. Also, the size of the blades differs depending on what they are built to cut. Because of this, it is key that you buy the right blade for the right job.

What are diamond blades? Diamond blades are circular saw blades that are used in disc cutter power tools that are used to cut brick, stone, concrete and many other materials.

How do diamond blades work? Diamond blades do not actually cut the material that they are going through. The steel-based teeth on the blades grind the material through friction causing it to break down and split.

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