Bolts & Bolting Products

Bolts & Bolting Products from Orbital Fasteners Here at Orbital Fasteners, we...


Nuts, Wing Nuts, Tee Nuts, Cage Nuts & Flange Nuts If you’re looking for a wide...


Washers, Form A Washers, Plate Washers & Steel Washers If you’re looking to...

Stainless Steel Fasteners All Types

Stainless Steel Fasteners from Orbital Fasteners Here at Orbital Fasteners we...

Brass Fasteners All Types

Brass Fasteners, Brass Screws & Brass Nuts from Orbital Fasteners Whether you’re...

Nylon Fasteners

Nylon Fasteners, Nylon Screws, Nylon Washers, Nylon Shoulder Washers, Nylon Nots &...

Screws For Timber (Wood Screws)

Screws For Timber, Wood Screws & Timber Screws from Orbital Fasteners From Timco...

Screws For Metal

Screws For Metal & Metal Screws from Orbital Fasteners Our range of screws for...

Security Fasteners

Security Fasteners & Security Screws from Orbital Fasteners If you’re looking to...

Timco Window Screws

The range has been specifically designed for use in the fabrication of PVCu windows and...


A range of Nails in either Bright or Galvanised finishes. In 1kg packs or 25kg boxes.

Hose Clips & T Bolt Hose Clamps

Steel Hose Clips & T bolt hose clamps If you’re looking to purchase hose clips as...

Sheet Metal Fasteners & Riveting Tools

Hank Rivet Bushes, Clinch Studs & Riveting Systems, Gesipa Accubird tool etc

Fastener Assortments

Various fastener assortment kits including screws, nuts, bolts and washers.

Assortment Selection Packs & Storage


R-Clips for use with cross drilling shafts. Zinc of yellow plated

Helical Thread Repair Inserts

Helical Thread Repair Inserts Helicoil Compatible

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