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Clear Rocket Premium Quality Silicone Sealant 300ml 5120000

SKU Number: 5120000

Qty: ex. VAT
inc. VAT
1,585 items in stock
1,585 items in stock

White Rocket Premium Quality Silicone Sealant 300ml 5120010

SKU Number: 5120010

Qty: ex. VAT
inc. VAT
3,030 items in stock
3,030 items in stock

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CHARACTERISTICS • Neutral oxime curing, 1-component silicone sealant (RTV-1) • Has a high resistance to ageing, weather conditions, UV and chemical products • Excellent adhesion to almost all building materials • Very easy to apply • Permanent elasticity APPLICATIONS • Has an adhesive strength without primer on the majority of materials used in building and engineering industries such as treated wood, aluminium, steel, abs, stainless steel, anodised steel, PVC, etc. • Appropriate for placing laminated glass (does not affect the layer PVB) and double glass (does not affect the butyl sealing) • Can also be used on alkali surfaces such as concrete, bricks. A primer is recommended.
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